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EFESTO aims at (1) the definition of critical space mission scenarios (Earth and Mars applications) enabled by the use of advanced inflatable Thermal Protection Systems (TPS), (2) characterization of the operative environment and (3) validation by tests of both the flexible materials needed for the thermal protection (flexible thermal blanket will be tested in arcjet facility in both Earth and Martian environments) and the inflatable structure at 1:1 scale (exploring the morphing dynamics and materials response from packed to fully inflated configuration). These results will be injected into the consolidated design of a future In-Orbit Demonstrator mission.


The EFESTO end goal is to improve the TRL of Inflatable Heat Shields for re-entry vehicles from 3 to 4/5, and pave the way towards further improvements: TRL 6 with a future In-Orbit Demonstrator.


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Beyond the current space missions limits though the inflatable heat shields

The EFESTO H2020 Project completes Milestone 2, defining Earth and Mars scenarios.

Progress Meeting and CEF Session

The EFESTO Team is currently working at the DLR Concurrent Engineering Facility (CEF).

March 27th 2019

Kick-off of the H2020 EFESTO

EFESTO project (European Flexible hEat Shields: advanced TPS design and tests for future in-Orbit demonstration) funded by Horizon 2020 Space Programme, has been kicked-off on 27th of March 2019.